Choose Your Size

Choose the size of your preferred framed trophy collage.

There are two sizes, which can be in either landscape or portrait orientation: 11 x 14 (portrait), 14 x 11 (landscape), 16 x 20 (portrait), 20 x 16 (landscape).

On the next page you will choose the number of picture openings for your collage.


11” X 14”
14” X 11”
16” X 20”
20” X 16”

Saved Projects

Choose Your Layout

 Pick from the layout options below.

Frames vary from having 1-6 picture openings.

Be sure to pay attention to the orientation of your pictures (landcape/portrait) when considering your choices for openings.

On the next page, add text to your photos or to text boxes. 

11x14 A with 8x10, 5x1 A
11x14 F with 8x12 F
11x14 H with two 7x5, 5x1 H
11x14 I with two 7 x 5 I
11x14 K with 8 x10 K
11x14 L with four 4x6 L
11x14 B with 10x8, 6x4, 2.5 B
11x14 C with 10x8, 6x4 C
11x14 G with 7x5, two 4x6 G
14x11 B with 4x6, 8x10, 2.5 B
14x11 D with 5x7, 4x1.5, and two 6x4 D
14x11 E with 12x8, 5x1 E
14x11 F with 12x8 F
14x11 Gwith 5x7, two 6x4 G
14x11 K with 10x8 K
14x11 L with four 6x4 L
16x20 M with 12x8, two 5x7 M
16x20 N with four 5x7 N
16x20 O with six 6x4 O
16x20 P with two 5x7, two 7x5 P
16x20 Q with one 11x14 Q
16x20 R with 12x8, 4.5, 5x7 R
16x20 T with 11x14, 6x1.75 T
16x20 V with 12x8, 3x3, two 4x6 V
16x20 W with 12x8, 3x3, two 5x7 W
20x16 M with 8x12, two 7x5 M
20x16 N with four 7x5 N
20x16 O with six 4x6 O
20x16 P with two 5x7, two 7x5 P
20x16 Q with 14x11 Q
20x16 R with 8x12, 7x5, 4.5 R
20x16 S with 14x11, 6x1.75 S
20x16 U with 12x8, 2.5, two 7x5 U

Upload Your Photos

Upload your photos for each opening in the layout below.

Add any text directly on the photos, or in text boxes.

To add photos, click in the opening where indicated. A popup will instruct you on what to do.

Only jpeg files can be uploaded. The crop box will open with your picture. Adjust to your liking. Repeat for all openings. Next click on "Add Text" to add a description to your pictures or to a text box.



Your Photo


Add Text

Click on the picture that you want to add descriptive text to, or click in a text box. 

Adjust text to the top, sides or bottom, and customize the size, color and font.

If you are putting text in a text box, pick the background image or color by clicking on it. Click Done when finished. 


Background Color


Personalised Text

Text Color


Text Size


Text Align


Pick Your Frames and Mats

Simply click on the frame you want and then add the mat colors for both the top and bottom mat. That's it, all done! Click finished and check out!



Top Mat


Bottom Mat



By selecting you agree with the content and selection of the collage as shown on this page