Our program for guides who bring the fishing and hunting experience to the world is two fold. We will accept any referral for a guide's customers to use our site after the hunt or fishing trip. If a customer of a guide is referred to us through the guide or their service, we will pay the guide a rebate, or referral fee. For a list of fees and a referral program guide please contact our offices. We are working on a network of hunting and fishing guides from the bahama's to Alaska and would like to have you to be a part of it. 

We will also work in collaboration with guides to promote our products in exchange for listing the guides on our sites for referrals from all customers who visit us online. In an arrangement aside from normal referrals we will enlist guides to contribute to our blogs, within your area of expertise and geographic location. Our site will be heavily trafficked, not just for collage customers but also for those perusing collages of hunts and fishing trips we post daily on our website. We will mutually benefit from this traffic by offering a joint influencer arrangement of goods and services. 

Please inquire at our offices if you are interested in discussing further.